The challenges facing the CAP

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EUfoodChat_logo_web_light#CAPonTheGround is organising several EU Food Chats on Twitter, in cooperation with the dynamic @EUfoodchat team.


Next topic on the agenda:

Investment in agriculture, growth and jobs: What role for the CAP?


agri foodchat@EUFoodChat on #CAPonTheGround

25 April 2016


Special Guests:

@marijana_petir MEP*, @CopaCogeca, @groupedebruges and @_CEJA_ (* tbc)

QUESTIONS will include:

  • How is the CAP promoting the maintenance and creation of jobs in the agri sector?
  • European farming needs investment, where is it going precisely? How does it boost growth?
  • What measures are being put in place to support young farmers? What do young farmers need?
  • How can innovation and modernisation in agriculture support rural development?
  • Where do we expect growth to come from?

Earlier we already had this debate the EU Food Chats agenda:

The future of organic agriculture in the EU

@EUFoodChat on #CAPonTheGround

4 March 2016
12:30 to 13:30 CET

Special Guests:

  • @MollyMEP Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for the South West of England and Gibraltar
  • @IFOAMEU ‘IFOAM EU Group’ is the European umbrella organisation for organic food and farming, represention 160+ member organisations that span the entire organic food chain
  • @FarmEurope the think tank that aims to stimulate thinking on rural economies in the EU
  • @CropProtection the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA)


With contributions from :


  • Farming organic: why not? Organic farmers get a better income (22-35% more) than conventional: what prevents farmers from converting to organic?

  • Organic farming-consuming: a win-win situation?
    What’s in it for the society to produce and consume organic?
    What’s the impact on health, the environment and the competitiveness of the agricultural sector?
  • Organic for all?
    Can organic farming feed the world?

A Storify of the #CAPonTheGround chat is available here.

Participants may also want to have a look at this recent video debate with Dr. Molly Scott Cato is from the Greens / EFA group and Jan Huitema from the ALDE group, both leading MEPs on agricultural issues. The debate was moderated by Sarantis Michalopoulos, EurActiv’s correspondent :

Debate: The future of organic agriculture in the EU


Earlier we already had this debate the EU Food Chats agenda:

Feeding the world – Is innovation the answer?

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@EUFoodChat on #CAPonTheGround

16 October 2015
12:00 to 13:00 CET

This twitter chat is being organised in the context of UN World Food Day.


Confirmed Special Guests: @CopaCogeca & @Bart Staes MEP.



  1. What role for the EU in the challenge of feeding the world? #CAPonTheGround
  2. How does the current CAP address #GlobalGoal n°2 (1/2) #CAPonTheGround
    to end hunger, achieve food security & improved nutrition, promote sustainable agriculture #GlobalGoals (2/2) #CAPonTheGround
  3. Which innovative (& socially acceptable) farming techniques can be investigated to increase EU food supply by 2030? #CAPonTheGround
  4. Are there alternative & innovative solutions that could enhance the challenge of increasing food availability? #CAPonTheGround
  5. How can innovation address food scarcity and security and in the meantime secure sufficient income to farmers? #CAPonTheGround
  6. How can innovation keep up with the increasing level of living standards & continuous urbanisation? #CAPonTheGround
  7. How can trade contribute to make sure the resources are available where needed without arming farming activity? #CAPonTheGround
  8. How does the EU contribute to increase food production in emerging countries? #CAPonTheGround

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